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Nathaniel from Texas



from Texas

Nathaniel is a growing athletic boy. He has a friendly personality, can be helpful, and gets along well with his peers. Although Nathaniel can initially seem timid, once he is comfortable, he enjoys having conversations with those around him. He has a respectful personality and likes to stay active. Nathaniel does well taking on the role of leader when asked by an adult, and he will help his peers when he can. When necessary, if Nathaniel is like all teenagers and wants to explore and try new things. He does follow directions well most of the time and will redirect his behavior when spoken to with respect. Nathaniel's interests include sports and movies; lately, he's been showing interest in his fashion. He hopes to be able to continue to participate in sports teams throughout school. Nathaniel is not scared to get his hands dirty and enjoys staying active over lounging around. He likes to socialize with his friends and enjoys attending social events at his school. Nathaniel is a unique teenager with a caring heart! His favorite things are chocolate bars, theme parks, and special shoes. Nathaniel does well with pets. Nathaniel looks forward to joining his forever family and starting the beginning of his new future!

Nathaniel's forever family will share the same interest in sports as him and will be active! His family will like the outdoors, traveling, and finding activities him. He will benefit from a family who is structured and able to be flexible as well. His forever family will be nice to him, even when he makes mistakes or expresses his emotions. His family will commit to him and show him how a family should support and love each other. Nathaniel needs strong role models who will demonstrate what appropriate, respectful relationships are supposed to look like. His family will engage in any necessary supportive services for Nathaniel. He wants a family who will take care of him and prepare him for his adulthood. His forever family will encourage him to engage in his cultural traditions and include him in their own. It is important for his family to take the time to work on trust and encourage Nathaniel to pursue his dreams.

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