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Nicolas from Texas



from Texas

Nicolas is a laid-back teen who likes to express himself freely and participate in various activities. He enjoys being outdoors and playing basketball in the evenings after school. When spending time with his younger brothers, Nicolas likes watching the latest movie releases and playing video games. Nicolas enjoys traveling and visiting different states. He is very social and enjoys hanging out with his friends. Nicolas does well in school and has expressed interest in playing with a basketball league outside of school. Nicolas pays attention to his appearance and likes to dress well. Most of the time, he can be found with a smile on his face.

Nicolas, Jesus, and Federico are an energetic and fun sibling group who care for each other deeply. They play together daily and have a strong sibling bond. Nicolas is the oldest. He loves to play basketball and also ensure his younger siblings are doing well. Jesus is the second oldest, and loves to play video games with his siblings. Federico is the youngest. He also loves to play video games and looks to Nicolas for guidance and security. All three children desire to find a forever family together. The children love to travel and look forward to experiencing new places.

A loving home with a mother and father who will accept him, along with his two brothers will be the best fit for Nicolas. Nicolas and his brothers and are very close to one another. Nicolas wants a family who will encourage and allow him to participate in sports.

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