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Paul from Texas



from Texas

Jump on a bicycle and join this young boy for the ride of your life! Paul is very active and enjoys being outside. He loves sports, fishing, camping, and just about anything which will keep him active and challenges him. He also enjoys playing football and soccer. Paul is full of energy and wonder. He has a very outgoing personality and enjoys playing with others. He is a sweet child who loves praise and attention. Paul gladly completes chores when he feels appreciated. He is creative and likes to build with Legos. Paul enjoys school, with his favorite subjects being math and science. He can easily be distracted at times, and benefits from one-on-one attention to help him remain focused. Paul is a sweet and wonderful youth who is excited to share his affection with a forever family. View my video on KLTV7 "Gift of Love".

Paul is seeking a family who is willing to join his active lifestyle while embracing his interests. He needs a stable, well-structured home setting where behavioral expectations are clear and consistent. Paul will do best with a family who provides him with structure and guidance. He desires a family who offers patience and consistency, along with careful supervision. An ideal family for Paul will spend a lot of one-on-one time with him and allow him to express his personality and interests. He does well with pets in the home and would like a pet of his own. Paul has a relationship with his younger siblings, who are not part of this adoption and wishes to remain in contact with them.

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