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Rebecca from Texas



from Texas

Rebecca is a very loving, caring, and a kind teen. She has a very outgoing personality and makes friends wherever she goes! Rebecca is very independent and loves helping out where she can. Rebecca loves to eat Chinese and Mexican food. She enjoys cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, and listening to music. In addition, Rebecca loves reading books. The current genre she is very interested in is manga/anime. Rebecca wishes to one day own a robotic dog or cat. Rebecca enjoyed participating in the hiking, running, and walking adventures her foster family would plan. She plans to graduate high school and become a nurse or a police officer. Rebecca loves attending church and church youth groups. She believes that God has plans for her and is excited for whatever those plans might be. Rebecca is learning sign language so she can use to communicate with the hearing-impaired community. Rebecca values her possessions very much. She wishes to join a forever family who she can treat with love and care! Rebecca is ready to be shown love and support.

Rebecca's forever family will understand her past and be patient with her as she learns how to let someone love her again. Her family will have patience and guidance to give her. Rebecca will benefit from being shown love regularly as this helps her feel approval and acceptance. Her forever family will work with any of her behaviors and encourage her to continue her therapeutic goals and continue to make progress in school. Rebecca's family will help her get involved with the things she is passionate about and continue to discover who her true self is.

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