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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert is a great youth! He is a resilient and active youth. Robert has a very easygoing personality with a good sense of humor. He has a tendency to be respectful with authority figures and he also makes friends very easily. Robert enjoys participating in a wide variety of sports, such as swimming and basketball. He enjoys reading comics, building with Legos, and playing video games. Robert also enjoys listening to music. He has expressed an interest in attending college but is currently unsure what profession he wants to work in. Robert has demonstrated skills of resilience and endurance in many aspects of his life. Robert has expressed a desire to live in San Antonio or Austin, so a central Texas family would be ideal for him.

Robert will benefit from an experienced, two-parent family who is patient and provides him with guidance and structure. He would likely excel in a family who is nurturing and supportive of his growing independence. Robert needs a family who will provide him with stability and love. His ideal parents will advocate for him in an educational setting. They will also teach Robert to advocate for himself. He has shown an interest in higher education, and he will benefit from a family who supports him throughout this process. Robert likes to laugh and would do well with a family who utilizes humor and light heartedness in their daily interactions. He would also do best in a family with no more than two other children in the home.

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