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Santiago from Texas



from Texas

Santiago is energetic, determined, and sensitive. He is friendly, talkative, polite, and helpful. He likes helping with tasks around the house. He is very sociable and makes friends easily. He does have a hard time listening to directions and sometimes has difficulty paying attention. He can be redirected easily and displays behavior like a typical child his age. Santiago plays well with other children of all ages and can play alone. He seems to prefer playing with other children. He enjoys boy scouts, board games, video games, and playing outside sports like soccer and basketball. He does well in school and his teachers describe him as a sweet student. He enjoys math. He benefits from encouragement to complete homework but can do very well in school. Santiago responds well to positive feedback.

Miracle and Santiago are a pair of close siblings who get along very well with each other. Miracle takes her role of being the older sister seriously and sometimes wants to be the boss. Both siblings are protective of each other. Miracle and Santiago enjoy playing with each other and have some of the same actives and hobbies in common. They enjoy playing board games and video games together in addition to playing outside sports together like Frisbee and soccer. They do not have a preference on playing outside or inside, as long as it is a game they agree on. Sometimes, like any siblings, they disagree over a game or who's turn it is but are easily redirected and are not upset with each other for long. Every night before bed, both siblings have a routine of making sure to hug one another goodnight.

Santiago's forever family will be patient, caring, and understanding. They will provide structure, boundaries, and affection. Santiago does well with other children in the home. Santiago would do well in a one or two parent home. Santiago's family will provide on-going support services to help him adjust to his new home

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