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Summer from Texas



from Texas

Summer is an enthusiastic and innovative young lady. She has had success making and selling her own lip gloss and chocolate-covered strawberries. Summer likes to draw and journal and finds comfort in music. Her favorite sport is soccer, and she prefers to stay active and likes exercising and playing sports with her friends. She has enjoyed learning photography and writing music. Summer aspires to become a music artist or business owner. She is a fan of anything blueberry or grape flavored and loves chicken alfredo! She has become a great advocate for herself and continues to make progress in communicating effectively. She genuinely desires to be helpful and involved with those in her life. She enjoys social events such as sports, sleepovers, and church.

Summer's forever family will give her a lot of attention and support. Her forever family will be able to set boundaries with her and let her know that they are willing to listen and explain the reasons for the boundaries. Her forever family will be loving and supportive of Summer into adulthood. Her family will enjoy sports and encourages positive extra curricular activities. Summer's family will ensure that she feels wanted and supported.

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