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Thasayge from Texas



from Texas

Thasayge is a young boy who is full of energy and enjoys looking at bright lights. He enjoys playing with stuffed animals and playing with his hands. Thasayge is friendly and generally is a happy child. Thasayge shares smiles freely and often. He loves things which make noise. Thasayge enjoys being inside the house and walking from room to room. Thasayge is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Cerebral Palsy. Thasayge is ambulatory and uses eating utensils for short periods of time. He needs continuous supervision and ongoing supportive services. He benefits from a small classroom setting at school which helps him be successful. Thasayge loves to receive attention.

Thasayge will benefit from a family who loves caring for children and who has a lot of patience. His family will make him feel secure, loved, and accepted. Thasayge will thrive in a family who is resilient and has special skills to ensure his medical, developmental, and educational needs are met. Thasayge will benefit from the type of family who loves being in the home, spending quality time with him, and is an advocate for him. Most of all, his family will understand his stumbling blocks and assist him to overcome them. They will celebrate the milestones and use every day as a stepping stone.

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