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Timothy from Texas



from Texas

Timothy is a sweet, smart, lovable, and friendly child who frequently has a smile on his face. He enjoys listening to music and playing video games. Timothy is fascinated with Pokemon and the Avengers. Timothy loves seafood, such as crab and shrimp. He loves being the center of attention. Timothy enjoys being given the opportunity to make choices. Timothy strives to build trust through stability, consistency, and care. He has shown steady growth when he is in a stable and safe environment. Timothy desires to be in a family and be adopted by a family who wants him. Given the chance, Timothy will make an amazing son.

Timothy needs a loving and nurturing family who can devote a lot of attention to him. Preferably, with at least one parent who will spend quality time with him on a daily basis and be involved in his school and extra-curricular activities. He craves love and acceptance. He wants a family who will show him what unconditional love is. Timothy will benefit from having a two parent family with no other children. A strong male role-model would be a positive thing for Timothy. His family will give him time to adjust to being in a family like setting.

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