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Zander from Texas



from Texas

Zander is a loving and active boy. His caregivers describe him as "really smart, respectful with adults, outspoken at times, and an overall pretty happy child." Zander enjoys interacting with other children his age. He effectively communicates his thoughts and feelings with those around him. Zander likes to read, play with Legos, watch TV, as well as participate in recreational activities. He has an outgoing personality when he is in a social setting and he likes staying active. Zander especially enjoys playing in his school band, basketball, and football. He enjoys being an independent teenager at times. Zander likes to collect Pokemon cards. Zander can be reserved when meeting new people.

Zander will do well in a two parent or single parent home. He has matured quite well and will be a great little or big brother. Zander's family will encourage and provide him with physical activities. Zander has become quite excited about meeting his Forever Family and is ready to put himself out there. His family will be loving and provide him stability, security, and ease his nervousness about changing homes.

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