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Candace from Virginia



from Virginia

Candace is a sweet fun loving teenage girl. Candace enjoys being outside whenever she can and especially loves running track. Throughout the past few months, Candace has discovered a love for cooking and participates in culinary arts class. Candace enjoys journaling especially writing poetry. Candace enjoys animals and finds comfort when she is around animals. When asked what Candace wants in a family she says she wants somewhere she can feel at home and that she has people who love her and encourages her. Some strengths Candace displays include; her passion for learning new things, creative drive, amazing determination, and a wonderful personality. Candace definitely has a positive future ahead of her and desires a family that will support her dreams. Candace has hopes to become a mentor when she is older so she can assist other youth who may share similar experiences as her. Could you be the forever family for Candace?
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