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Jeremiah from Virginia



from Virginia

If 15 year old Jeremiah could have any super power in the world, it would be to have the ability to travel in time. Jeremiah is a curious teenager and likes to research information about facts on the world, science, marine life, planets, military, various cultures and computers. He has a sense of humor well beyond his years and is often described as an "old soul." If he had three wishes, he would wish for PC gaming system, a dog and a million dollars. Jeremiah is very intrigued by Japanese culture and would like to travel to Japan on day. He enjoys reading and watching anime. His favorite foods are ramen, sushi and cheeseburgers. Jeremiah enjoys cooking and is looking forward to taking culinary classes this school year. Jeremiah is hopeful about adoption and finding a forever family that he can trust and depend on to be there for him. He would do well in a family that is active in the community and that has daily routines within the household. Jeremiah would also really like a family that has a dog.
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