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Kashi from Virginia



from Virginia

There are so many wonderful things to say about this very loving, kind-hearted, fun to be around Kashi. Kashi thrives in social connections but absolutely loves it when he gets one on one time and attention. Kashi loves to sing, run track, and tennis. Kashi definitely has a sweet tooth and loves pizza and burgers as most teenagers do. Kashi is brave and spirited, which is why he enjoys singing where his wonderful personality can shine through. Kashi is very creative and enjoys opportunities where he can demonstrate creative outlets such as singing. Kashi excels in school and enjoys the social environment that allows his personality to shine through. Kashi is an avid reader and enjoys learning new technology. Kashi enjoys swimming, going to the library, and being in the community with his peers. Kashi enjoys going out and participating in family outings such as, going to the beach, movies, and restaurants where he can fill up on some of his food loves. Kashi is so excited to find his forever home.
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