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Thomas from Virginia



from Virginia

Trenton and Thomas are very close though they still have a healthy sibling rivalry at times. They are well-mannered, lovable and affectionate children who love to be praised. Trenton is intelligent and makes good grades in school. Trenton has a lot of energy and is very active and enjoys riding his bike and being on the lake. He likes playing video games and playing with his brother. Trenton has a remarkably giving personality and is willing to do anything for a stranger that is in need. Thomas likes to be social and likes to help with taking in the groceries and helping out adults in any way that he can. He is very active and likes to stay busy. Thomas likes to play basketball, fish, hunt, and do anything else that will keep him outside longer. Thomas is very friendly to anyone he meets. Trenton and Thomas would do best with a family that is willing to give them unconditional love and support. Trenton and Thomas will thrive in a home with structure and a stable environment.