Kail from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82546

Kail is a determined and enthusiastic child. She loves all things girly, including playing with hair, makeup, and nails. One thing that Kail always manages to sneak into conversations, is her love of sweets. According to Kail, her favorite food is chocolate. Kail is sociable, forthcoming, and can easily keep a conversation going with just about anyone. She becomes excited at the opportunity to meet and speak with new people. Kail does an exceptional job communicating her needs and desires. She is an intelligent child with excellent verbal skills. Kail enjoys telling stories about her everyday life. She also likes to listen to music and write poetry.

Hayden and Kail love each other very much. The siblings have a close bond, with Kail often taking her big sister role very seriously. Hayden and Kail enjoy playing together, but also do well spending time apart. Together, the children like to spend time outside of the home, whether it be at day care, learning how to swim, or exploring a new city with their caregivers. Out of the two, Kail is the extrovert, filling up a room with energy and conversation. Hayden gets along with many kinds of personalities, but is more action-oriented than he is communicative. Hayden and Kail hope to be adopted together.

Kail hopes to have a family that is thrilled to welcome them into their home. She wants a family that acknowledges her past, and is able to love, accept, and nurture her with patience and empathy. She will do well in a home that recognizes, respects, and encourages her individuality, while maintaining a structured, loving, and supportive environment. Kail wants to join a family with a mother, father, and younger siblings. Kail hopes to be part of a family who is strong in their faith, allowing her to further explore her relationship with God. Kail goes to church every week, prays often, and aspires to be a better version of herself every day.

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