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Congo from California



from California

Shamon, Afrika, and Congo share a special sibling bond. They love to spend time together but also enjoy their time apart. While they can be shy at first, once you get to meet them, they open up. The three of them are respectful, smart, and very mature for their age.

Congo, the youngest, seems to be the quietest of the three; but once he got started on describing his siblings, he could go on and on! Congo described his siblings as being smart, nice, good role models and fondly described Afrika as being a “chatter box”. Together with his brother, Shamon, they enjoy playing dodge ball, football, kickball, basketball and swimming in the pool. He also excels in school, earning mostly As and Bs. He likes to play fidget spinners.

Congo has a good sense of humor and has a very positive outlook in life. Congo is optimistic that one day he and his siblings will find a fun and loving family that will keep them together, because a Family That Plays Together Stays

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