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Cayden from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Cayden describes himself as funny, caring, and helpful. He can be very talkative and outgoing, but often needs some time to warm up and get to know you. Once he feels comfortable, he's very easy to have a conversation with. Cayden is very social and generally prefers being around people. While he loves video games, he has stated he would prefer to be doing an activity with other people. However, he may still try to talk you into playing video games with him! Cayden is an animal lover, and a self-described ?cat person.? While he loves all animals, cats are his favorite, and you can often catch him watching various cat videos on YouTube. When it comes to music, Cayden is a bit of an old soul. He loves listening to ?oldies? like Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Ben E. King, and Boyz II Men. Cayden is currently doing well in school and has greatly benefited from his current program with a smaller classroom. He enjoys learning new things and especially likes listening to John Tesh's radio show, ?Intelligence for Your Life.? It might be something you tune out when it comes on your radio, but Cayden pays extra attention! At this stage, Cayden has expressed that adoption may not be the best fit for him; however he would love to find a family who is willing to be a permanent resource and support for him. Cayden needs a family who will allow him to take the lead in any discussions about permanency. Remaining in contact with his birth mother and brother is of vital importance to Cayden. He currently has visits with his mother and families would need to be willing and able to support those visits. Cayden has expressed that he would prefer to live in a two-parent household with siblings, but is open to other family types. He would do well with a family who does activities together and is involved in community activities, but also ensures he has time in his schedule to relax at home. Cayden is very relational and has a strong desire to interact and engage with his peers. Cayden shows an abundance of affection, appreciation, and loyalty to people in his life who accept him unconditionally and would be a great addition to any family. Cayden has worked really hard to be in such a positive place in his life and really wants a family who understands and appreciates his journey. Cayden is not legally free for adoption. Cayden is hoping for a family who will support connections with his birth family.