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Dj from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

DJ loves sports, in particular dek hockey. He would prefer a family that is outgoing, enjoys camping in the woods, swimming, and beach vacations. There are times when he does like to relax at home but is always willing to come out the house for sports and other outdoor activities. DJ likes cats and dogs. He would not mind a family with pets, especially a horse. DJ is passionate about music, he is very eclectic in his taste of music and is an aspiring DJ. He loves to practice his DJ skills in the studio booth at the local library. DJ's favorite foods are spaghetti, mac and cheese, white pizza with tomatoes, and he loves sweet tea. He is good in math and reading, but his favorite subjects are actually gym and tech class. Those close to DJ describe him as a caring and compassionate young man who is always thinking of others. DJ is very pleasant and talkative. DJ is excited for a family who will build meaningful connections and form a strong bond with him. DJ would like to have younger siblings as he enjoys playing with them and wants to be a big brother. As a big brother, he wants to lead by example and will make sure he follows his assigned tasks and directions as they are given to him. Parental rights have not been terminated for DJ. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or contact the recruiter, Kenneth Whiteleather, via telephone or email
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