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Ivy from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Ivy describes herself as caring, independent, helpful, creative, and outgoing. She's affectionate, talkative, and likes to be around people. She has such a variety of interests, it's easy for her to find something in common with everyone she meets! Ivy is incredibly creative and likes to use her skills any way she can! She likes to sing, draw, crochet, write stories, paint, and try new things. Of all her creative outlets, singing is her favorite: she's always ready to belt out a song from any genre of music! She also enjoys reading, swimming, biking, cooking, and baking. The chef's specialties are her sweet and spicy spaghetti, and her famous extra-chocolatey brownies. She really enjoys school and has some supports in place to ensure her success. These are minimal, but continue to be needed. She dreams of one day working in the medical field. Ivy wants to live in a family setting. The fact that she doesn't have a lot of people in her life weighs heavily on her especially as she gets older. She would do best with a family of either a single mother or two mothers and may thrive as the youngest or only child. She loves animals and would love to have pets. Ivy would like to be able to keep in contact with her half-brother. Ivy is legally free for adoption. For more information about this wonderful young woman, please have your worker contact Katie, at or call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.255.SWAN.