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Adrian from Texas



from Texas

Adrian is a youth who has a good sense of humor. He has proven to be a good student academically, especially when he is interested in the subject. His favorite subject is science. His grasp of academic subjects comes easy to him. Adrian typically earns high grades when he applies himself. He likes to have things go his way, and he is continuing to practice ways to manage his reactions. Adrian understands what is expected of him, and he is able to apply the skills he has learned to meet those expectations. He is a sweet and polite child who enjoys being active or playing on his phone.

Adrian needs a family who will make him feel secure, loved, and unconditionally accepted. His family will be one who can lead with consistency and structure, and who will provide unconditional support, guidance and supervision. When there are difficulties, Adrian needs a family who will remain committed and help him to overcome those difficulties. Adrian will thrive in a family who has plenty of energy to play and be involved in extracurricular activities, as this is very important to him.

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