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Dale from Texas



from Texas

Dale is a compassionate youth, who loves to make others laugh. He enjoys being outdoors; playing sports, fishing, camping, and running. While he enjoys being outdoors, a pizza night with family is enjoyed as well. He is a big fan of both watching and playing football, his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. Dale is a very active youth that enjoys spending time with others. One of Dale's biggest dreams is to have a job. In school, he enjoys math, P.E, and social studies and applies himself well with encouragement. He is still thinking about what he would like to be when he grows up. Dale also likes to kick back with a video or computer game. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Dale will be the most successful in a home which is patient and understanding of him. A family who is diligent and encouraged to find resources that will help him. A family who is active and keeps up with a young boy who likes all things sports and outdoors will be the perfect fit for him. His ideal parents will guide Dale in learning good choices in daily interaction. Dale will require redirection that is consistent and loving. Dale's parents will also encourage him to always do his best in school and they will advocate for him and work with the school to make sure his education needs are being met.