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Julia from Texas



from Texas

Julia is a sweet girl who likes spending time with her siblings. She plays a motherly role with her brothers. Julia at times struggles with morning routines and is working very hard to get up on time and go thru her morning routine without any attitude. Julia likes going to school and she is very well-behaved at school and at home. She makes friends at school but also likes being by herself at times. Julia loves jewelry, especially bracelets. She loves to eat all kinds of food. She likes all kinds of colored pens. Julia likes attending outings, riding bikes, watching cartoons, and spending time with her siblings.

Julia, Steven, Thomas and Robert are an energetic and fun sibling group who care for each other deeply. Although they are not all together at this time, it is important to them that they maintain contact to grow in their loving bond. Julia loves to play. As the oldest, she likes to ensure her younger siblings are doing well. Steven loves to play sports and games with his siblings. Thomas also loves to play games and look to Julia for guidance and security. Robert is the youngest and he loves to smile, make others laugh, and play with his siblings. Julia, Steven, Thomas, and Robert desire to find a forever family that will adopt them together very soon. Until then, they value their time during sibling visits and continually grow their sibling bond.

Julia will do best in a two-parent household. She will respond well to a father figure as the disciplinarian, but also who is loving and nurturing. Julia will respond well to having a mother who is very nurturing and supportive, but also firm in guiding him. She will thrive with a family who is structured, has clear and concise expectations, and who also offers much love and support.