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Julia from Texas



from Texas

Julia enjoys staying home and watching movies with her family. She would like to be adopted with her brothers, as she takes her role of big sister seriously and watches out for her brothers. She really enjoys spending time with her brothers and they interact well together. Julia tends to be a little shy when first meeting new people, but can really open up once she's more comfortable. Julia would like to build more confidence in herself. She loves to go shopping and can make a whole day of wandering from store to store. Mornings can be a struggle for Julia, but she is constantly making progress with her morning routine. Julia likes going to school. She has several friends at school, but also likes being by herself at times. Julia loves jewelry, especially bracelets and usually has them stacked on her wrists. She loves to eat all kinds of food. Julia is creative and can usually be found with a pouch full of colored pens.

Julia, Steven, Thomas and Robert are an energetic and fun sibling group who care for each other deeply. Julia loves to play. As the oldest, she likes to ensure her younger siblings are doing well. Steven likes his role of big brother to Thomas and Robert. Steven enjoys playing games with his brothers. The boys are very active and enjoy playing sports together and they are competitive with each other. All three of the boys enjoy playing video games. Thomas is soft spoken and he follows after his older brother. Robert likes to keep up with his brothers in everything that they do. Julia and the boys all get along well together and enjoy spending quality time together. Julia, Steven, Thomas, and Robert desire to find a forever family who will adopt them together very soon. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Julia will do best in a two-parent household. She responds well to a father figure as the disciplinarian, who is loving and nurturing. Julia will respond well to having a mother who is very nurturing and supportive, and also firm in guiding her. She will thrive with a family who is structured, has clear and concise expectations, and who also offers much love and support. Julia would like a family who will be patient with her and understanding and helpful with her schoolwork. Julia's number one request is to find a family who will keep her and her siblings together.