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Leonard from Texas



from Texas

Optimistic, loving, and caring are a few words used to describe Leonard. Leonard is a humble child who enjoys the simple things out of life. He is kind to everyone he comes into contact with and always uses his manners. Leonard enjoys going on vacations. He looks forward to participating in outings with his friends. Leonard demonstrates determination in everything he does. He enjoys going to church and socializing with others. Leonard enjoys playing video games and participating in outdoor activities. He interacts with others well and does not mind lending a helping hand. Leonard has a positive outlook on life and he will keep you laughing with his sense of humor and contagious laugh.

Leonard will do well in any family environment. Leonard will benefit from a supportive family who will help to succeed in life. He loves having quality time with family. Leonard wants a family who will love him unconditionally, and support him continuing to have contact with his siblings, who are not a part of this adoption.

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