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Lily from Texas



from Texas

Lily is a very sweet girl who likes to be well informed about things going on around her. She has a bright and cheery personality. Lily is shy at first, but she will warm up to you quickly once time is spent with her. She shows affection towards those she cares about. She enjoys crafts, artwork, watching cartoons, and likes individual attention. Lily likes animals and wants to have a small dog of her own someday. Lily is a girly-girl. Her favorite activities are getting her hair and nails done. She also enjoys taking pictures with her tablet. Lily enjoys playing with dolls. She does well in school and enjoys attending. Lily is very social and is able to make friends easily. She gets along well with her peers and older children. Lily is improving how she expresses herself when upset or frustrated in a positive manner.

Lily will do best in a family who is patient and maintains daily routines on a consistent basis. Lily's family will provide support as Lily adjusts to change and her trust grows. Lily will thrive best in a loving and supportive family who provides a significant amount of structure. Lily would like to be the only child, but she wouldn't mind having an older sister.

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