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Clarence from Virginia



from Virginia

Tidayah, Shante and Clarence are three beautiful children each with their own big and fun personalities. This sibling group has a special love for one other, and it shows when watching them interact. Tidayah is the oldest sister and has such a kind heart. She is protective of her younger siblings and wants to care for them at all times. Tidayah enjoys doing arts and crafts, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her family.

Shante is the middle sibling and she too loves her sister and brother very much. She is a bright young lady and enjoys going to school. Shante’s favorite classes are math and science! Together, Tidayah and Shante love to play sports, go to the beach, and do gymnastics!

The youngest, Clarence has a funny sense of humor and loves to be the center of attention! He loves his sisters and enjoys spending time with them. Clarence loves all sports and also enjoys playing Mario Carts on his Nintendo DS. These children need to be placed together in a forever home with a loving family that will show consistency, love, and support to each of them.

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