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Elizabeth from Virginia



from Virginia

Elizabeth "Lizzie" is a sweet 14yr old that enjoys spending time with animals and spending time with her foster family. She is friendly and a very caring young lady. She enjoys listening to music and watching scary movies. She has entered the 7th grade after enjoying a wonderful summer traveling with her foster family and attending camp with the YMCA. Lizzie does well in school and excels in her classes. Her teachers say she is a joy to have in their classes. Lizzie enjoys her quiet time and like to read and listen to music. Lizzie likes to be creative and finds it a great outlet for herself. Lizzie would love a forever family who had animals. Lizzie enjoys caring for animals or pets and finds time spent with them to be some of her favorite. Lizzie would love a forever family who gives her one on one time and likes to travel. Could you be Lizzie’s forever family?
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