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Marelys from Texas



from Texas

Marelys has a strong personality with big dreams. She is enthusiastic, but at times she can be slow to warm up to others until she has a chance to get to know them. Marelys is social with her peers and enjoys reading, drawing, playing basketball and hanging out with her friends. Marelys has dreams of becoming a teacher one day, as she enjoys helping others. At times, Marelys needs assistance in school to ensure her academic success. However, she does put forth the effort in her school work and her overall success in life. Marelys is working on learning to express her feelings in an appropriate manner and to recognize her own strengths. She has made progress in learning how to advocate for herself and finding her voice in a positive and effective way.

Marelys is looking for a forever family who is in Texas and in the Central Texas or the surrounding area. She hopes her family will have cats or dogs. Marelys needs a loving family who will provide her with structure, consistency and unconditional care. Marelys prefers to be an only child. It is also important her family will ensure she maintains contact with her brother, who is not part of this adoption, as he is important to her.

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