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Clarissa from Texas



from Texas

Clarissa is a girl who knows what she wants. She has a strong personality. Clarissa likes to be a leader and in control of situations she is involved in. She is outspoken and advocates for herself. Clarissa is very talkative and likes to color or draw. She utilizes drawing as a coping mechanism. Clarissa is interested in anime, cosplay, and enjoys listening to music. Clarissa likes swimming and shopping. She does well in English at school, while her least favorite subject is math. She likes going out to eat, and her favorite places to go are Taco Bell and Chili's. She has aspirations of attending college in the future.

The ideal family for Clarissa will be a loving and patient one. She is seeking a family who can provide her with love, structure, and a feeling of security. She needs a home who will offer her support and guidance as she grows and encouragement toward her future goals. Her ideal home will be a two parent home or a home with extensive support to provide her plenty of attention. She will do best in a family with few children so her parents can devote ample time to her. Her family will advocate for her in school. She will benefit from additional support with her schoolwork.

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