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Roy from Texas



from Texas

Roy is a gentle and loving youth. His passion is gymnastics! He dreams of being able to participate in gymnastics and learn how to do a back-flip. Roy is very active and enjoys playing outside. He loves participating in swimming and basketball at the YMCA when on school breaks. Roy also loves to show off his dance moves and has even participated in talent shows. He enjoys listening to music, especially hip-hop. Roy can get easily annoyed and become challenging. He is spontaneous, bold, and daring. Roy requires frequent redirection. When he is disciplined, he often takes time to think about what he has done and will come back and apologize for his unpleasant behavior. He is working on taking responsibility for his own actions. Roy loves his siblings and will accommodate their needs to see a smile on their faces. He compliments them all the time by telling them nice things and noticing small changes in their appearance.

Roy and Ruben have a strong brotherly bond. They enjoy spending time together; playing video games or playing basketball or football. They have times when they get along very well and, like most siblings, there are times when they have disagreements. Ruben sometimes tries to act like the older brother and give advice to Roy about behaving appropriately. Roy likes to tell Ruben what to do, especially when it comes to cleaning up his room and doing other chores. Ruben loves to go fishing and hiking. He also likes to play basketball and soccer. Roy also enjoys sports, such as soccer and football. He likes to dance and go skateboarding too. Roy and Ruben both enjoy the outdoors and participating in all kinds of outdoor activities. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Roy desires to be adopted. He hopes his forever family lives in Texas, but he is open to exploring the idea of an out-of-state family. He hopes his family will allow him to have a dog. Roy described his ideal family as, "being nice, willing to listen, giving attention, and taking time to learn what I feel." He does not like it when adults raise their voices. He is concerned if there are other children in the home they will judge him. Roy does not have a preference on what his family looks like. He is open to all types of families, as long as there is a father figure involved. Roy's family will love the outdoors, music, and traveling. He enjoys trips to the Corpus Christi beach! He needs a family to play with him and teach him how to play the sports he enjoys. Roy will give unconditional love to his family and needs the same in return.

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