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Destiny from California



from California

Destiny is a friendly teen with an enthusiastic fun loving, spur of the moment personality. Among her likes are her immense enjoyment of music, video games, reading, the art of hip hop dance, and arts and crafts. As reflected in her affinity to etymology, she gravitates towards ladybugs. Destiny can be a self reflective girl. She says that whenever she feels overwhelmed or sad, she likes to spend time thinking in her room. Hip-hop dancing has proved to be therapeutic for Destiny. In fact, she attends formal classes for this mode of dance. Destiny is making great progress in self-regulating and finding adaptive ways to heal from her traumatic past. Destiny is already imagining what college could be like. She hopes to attend one where there are dorms on campus so she can experience campus life. For her field of study, she hopes to pursue one that allows her to work with animals or pursue a career as a barber. Deestiny needs a committed, stable family with the skills to deal with her behavioral issues and who is open to her continuing therapy.
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