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Cheyanne from Texas



from Texas

Cheyanne is a very affectionate youth who loves to give hugs. She will utilize hand signals and point to communicate what she wants or likes. She enjoys the great outdoors, including walks in a park and taking in nature in all its wonderment. Though when inside, Cheyanne can be just as content playing with her toys, listening to her favorite music and dancing, or watching her favorite shows on TV. Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty are two of her favorite shows. Cheyanne likes doing arts and crafts, drawing, and playing in the water during the warm summer months. She is an active child who enjoys playing with toys and dolls. She often prefers to spend time alone and away from her peers; however, she will eat meals with others and shares her bedroom with peers. Cheyanne will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Cheyanne's forever family will provide her with consistency, structure and support. It would be beneficial for her family to have experience with non-verbal children. Her family should be prepared to provide long-term support as Cheyanne grows and prepares for adulthood.

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