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Tracy from Texas



from Texas

Tracy has a beautiful smile. She has a quiet and shy personality. As she warms up to others, her demeanor remains the same. She is not very talkative. She is constantly smiling no matter the situation to include deflecting topics. She enjoys reading, doing arts and crafts, and doing math problems. She likes playing Roblox on her tablet and watching YouTube videos. She also enjoys dancing, playing games, and playing basketball. She loves going to school where her favorite subject is math. She gets along well with other children. Tracy can complete tasks that are given to her but benefits from assistance or reminders to complete some daily living tasks. She will help with chores when asked to do so. Tracy respects authority and will follow directions. She is very inquisitive and enjoys learning new things and asking lots of questions.

Tracy's forever family will offer her a warm and loving home where she will feel unconditional love. Her family should be supportive of her interests and encourage her to participate in extracurricular activities. Her family will provide consistency and routines, and clear expectations and consequences that are age appropriate. The family can be a one or two parent home: ideally without other children. Tracy enjoys family time and outings. She would really like a home that is pet-free. Tracy is ready for a forever family.

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