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Haley from Virginia



from Virginia

Haley is a sweet and active teenage girl. She states that she likes to play basketball. Haley can be reserved but is loyal to those she considers to be a friend. Haley is sharp and clever with a witty sense of humor. She enjoys going to the mall where she purchase some of her favorite things. Haley love doing her nails, her hair and practicing with makeup. Haley is very creative. She enjoys reading and sewing. Haley loves music and has written her own songs where she sings and raps. She will use her music as a way of expressing her feelings. Recently, Haley has been learning to follow recipes and cook some of her favorite items. Haley would like to go to college after graduating from high school. Haley states that she will either be an entrepreneur or specialize in giving makeovers to single mothers who are trying to get a job or she will become a counselor. Haley often laughs and states that she will probably do both. For now, Haley states that she wants to get her ID in order to get a job. She is eager to gain her own independence and earn her own money.
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