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Popular Baby Names for both

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Abie father or mother of many Both Hebrew
Agape love of the next Both Greek
Akira anchor Both Scottish, Japanese
Alexis defender of men Both Filipino
Altair bird, star Both Arabic, Greek
Amadi general rejoicing, seemed destined to die at Both Nigerian
Amal bright, clean, pure; hope, wish, dream Both Hindu, Arabic
Amory loving Both Latin
Angel messenger of God Both Filipino
Arden passionate, eagle valley Both Latin, Old-English
Armani from the house of Armand Both Filipino
Ashley the ash tree field Both Filipino
Ashton Both Unknown
Astley star Both Unknown
Audun deserted Both Norwegian
Avery ruler of the elves Both Anglo-Saxon
Azul color blue Both Filipino
Bari spear thrower, son of Harry, marksman Both French, Celtic, Welsh
Bates Both Unknown
Baxter baker Both Old-English
Bebe baby Both French
Beverly meadow of beavers Both Old-English
Bevin lady with a sweet song, son of Evan Both Celtic
Bhavya Both Hindu
Bo precious, commanding Both Chinese, Swedish
Boa Both Unknown
Brice swift, quick-moving, son of Rice Both Celtic
Brontë thunder Both Greek
Caleb bold, dog Both Hebrew
Calvin bald Both Latin
Cam orange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sun Both Vietnamese, English
Cameron bent nose Both Old-English
Carrington beautiful Both Old-English
Cary honest one, shy Both Celtic
Casey brave, watchful Both Celtic, Gaelic
Chane name of a god, dependability Both Hindu, Swahili
Concepcion fertile one, mother, father of nations Both Spanish
Corin Both Old-English
Dade Both Unknown
Dakota friend Both Native-American
Dale valley Both Old-Norse, English
Devin poet Both Gaelic
Dharma ultimate law of all things Both Filipino
Drew sturdy, vision Both Old-French, Greek
Dustin valiant fighter, dark stone Both Old-German, Old-English
Eden delightful, adornment, paradise Both Hebrew
Eman faith Both Filipino
Fionn white, fair Both Celtic
Flannery sheet of metal, flat land Both Old-French
Fujita field Both Japanese
Gene well born Both Filipino
Genesis origin Both Hebrew
Ha-Neul sky Both Korean
Hale hero; army ruler Both Old-English, Old-Norse
Hayden Both English
Hoshi star Both Japanese
Ira watchful Both Filipino
Ira watchful, descendant Both Hindu
Ivory as while as the elephant's tusk Both Filipino
Jade a green gemstone Both Filipino
Jaime supplanter Both Filipino
Jam a condiment or a musical get together Both Filipino
Jamie supplanter Both Filipino
Janus God of beginnings Both Filipino
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