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Popular Baby Names for both

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Abie father or mother of many Both Hebrew -
Agape love of the next Both Greek Agapio
Akira anchor Both Scottish, Japanese -
Alexis defender of men Both Filipino -
Altair bird, star Both Arabic, Greek -
Amadi general rejoicing, seemed destined to die at Both Nigerian birth
Amal bright, clean, pure; hope, wish, dream Both Hindu, Arabic -
Amory loving Both Latin Emory, Emery
Angel messenger of God Both Filipino -
Arden passionate, eagle valley Both Latin, Old-English Ardis, Ardon
Armani from the house of Armand Both Filipino -
Ashley the ash tree field Both Filipino -
Ashton Both Unknown -
Astley star Both Unknown -
Audun deserted Both Norwegian -
Avery ruler of the elves Both Anglo-Saxon Averi, Ave, Aves
Azul color blue Both Filipino -
Bari spear thrower, son of Harry, marksman Both French, Celtic, Welsh Ba, Bar
Bates Both Unknown -
Baxter baker Both Old-English Baker, Baxley
Bebe baby Both French -
Beverly meadow of beavers Both Old-English Beverley, Beverely, Bev
Bevin lady with a sweet song, son of Evan Both Celtic Bevan, Bevis
Bhavya Both Hindu -
Bo precious, commanding Both Chinese, Swedish -
Boa Both Unknown -
Brice swift, quick-moving, son of Rice Both Celtic Bryce, Brick, Brickand, Bric, Brigg
Brontë thunder Both Greek -
Caleb bold, dog Both Hebrew Cale, Cal, Kalin
Calvin bald Both Latin Calvyn, Calvinnia, Calvino
Cam orange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sun Both Vietnamese, English -
Cameron bent nose Both Old-English Camm, Cam, Cammie, Camyron
Carrington beautiful Both Old-English -
Cary honest one, shy Both Celtic Carey, Candie, Candy
Casey brave, watchful Both Celtic, Gaelic -
Chane name of a god, dependability Both Hindu, Swahili -
Concepcion fertile one, mother, father of nations Both Spanish Connie, Concha
Corin Both Old-English -
Dade Both Unknown -
Dakota friend Both Native-American -
Dale valley Both Old-Norse, English Dal, Dallan, Dallen, Dallin, Dalton
Devin poet Both Gaelic -
Dharma ultimate law of all things Both Filipino -
Drew sturdy, vision Both Old-French, Greek Dru
Dustin valiant fighter, dark stone Both Old-German, Old-English Dusty, Dustan, Dunston
Eden delightful, adornment, paradise Both Hebrew Edie, Eddy, Eddie, Edan
Eman faith Both Filipino -
Fionn white, fair Both Celtic -
Flannery sheet of metal, flat land Both Old-French Flan, Flann
Fujita field Both Japanese -
Gene well born Both Filipino -
Genesis origin Both Hebrew -
Ha-Neul sky Both Korean -
Hale hero; army ruler Both Old-English, Old-Norse -
Hayden Both English -
Hoshi star Both Japanese Hoshiko
Ira watchful Both Filipino -
Ira watchful, descendant Both Hindu -
Ivory as while as the elephant's tusk Both Filipino -
Jade a green gemstone Both Filipino -
Jaime supplanter Both Filipino -
Jam a condiment or a musical get together Both Filipino -
Jamie supplanter Both Filipino -
Janus God of beginnings Both Filipino -
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