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Popular Baby Names starting with K

Name Meaning Gender Origin
K.C. Nickname for one with the initials K. C. Also a variant of the Irish name Casey, meaning: alert, vigorous. Female English
Kaajal Mascara; Surma Female Indian
Kaakalee Glow of Lamp Female Indian
Kaalaka Durga; Pupil of the Eye Female Indian
Kaalanjari Parvati Female Indian
Kaalathi N/A Male Indian
Kaali Goddess Male Indian
Kaalikaa Lustrous Female Indian
Kaalindi River Yamuna Male Indian
Kaaliya A Huge Serpent Male Indian
Kaalki Lord Narayana Male Indian
Kaamaari N/A Male Indian
Kaamakya Durga; Granter of Wishes Female Indian
Kaamil Perfect Female Indian
Kaamil Perfect accomplished Male Arabic
Kaamil Perfect Male Indian
Kaamil Perfect, accomplished Male Muslim
Kaamjaa N/A Male Indian
Kaamla Perfect Female Assemese
Kaamla Perfect Female Bengali
Kaamla Perfect Female Indian
Kaamran N/A Male Indian
Kaanan Forest Male Indian
Kaandhal Attractive Female Indian
Kaanhaa N/A Male Indian
Kaapalin N/A Male Indian
Kaarikaa actress Male Assemese
Kaarikaa Actress Male Indian
Kaarl Strong. Male Finnish
Kaarle Strong. Male Finnish
Kaarle Strong and masculine. Male French
Kaarlo Strong. Male Finnish
Kaarlo Strong and masculine. Male French
Kaarthika N/A Female Indian
Kaarti Hindu Period of a Year Male Indian
Kaartik N/A Male Indian
Kaartikeya son of Shiva Male Bengali
Kaartikeya Son of Shiva Male Indian
Kaarunya Compassionate; Goddess Lakshmi; Merciful; Compassionate; Praiseworthy Female Indian
Kaasar N/A Male Indian
Kaashi Pilgrim of India; Name of Indian City Male Indian
Kaashif Pioneer,Revealing,Discoverer Male Arabic
Kaashif Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer Male Muslim
Kaashinaath Lord of Kaashi Male Indian
Kaashinath Lord of Kaashi Male Indian
Kaashwi Unique Female Indian
Kaasni Flower Female Bengali
Kaasni Flower Female Hindi
Kaasni Flower Female Indian
Kaatje pure Female Dutch
Kaatyaayanee Moon Light Female Indian
Kaavy Poetic Lines Male Indian
Kaavya Poetry in Motion Female Indian
Kaawa A character in Shahnamah, a great hero. Male Afghan
Kabali N/A Male Indian
Kabalikrut Swallower of the Sun Male Assemese
Kabalikrut Swallower of the Sun Male Indian
Kabandha Ugly Giant; Cloud; Comet; Water Male Indian
Kabarish King of King Male Indian
Kabeer Great Male Arabic
Kabeer Name of a Famous Poet / Saint; A Mystic Poet or Poet Sants of India Male Indian
Kabeera N/A Male Indian
Kaberi Full of water Female Assemese
Kaberi Full of water Female Bengali
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