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Popular Baby Names , origin Old-German

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Adalgisa noble hostage Female Old-German
Adalgiso noble hostage Male Old-German
Adelbert famous for nobility Male Old-German
Adelfried who protects the descendants Male Old-German
Adelina noble Female Old-German
Adelino noble Male Old-German
Adelmo noble protector Male Old-German
Ademaro glorious in battle Male Old-German
Ahren eagle Male Old-German
Alaric noble ruler Male Old-German
Aldous old wealthy Male Old-German
Alger noble warrior Male Old-German
Alphonse noble estate, eager Male Old-German
Berit bright, glorious Female Old-German
Blaz unwavering protector Male Old-German
Bluma a flower, bloom Female Old-German
Brunhilde Female Old-German
Caroline strong, melody, song Female Old-German
Chay man Female Old-German
Chloris pale Female Old-German
Conrad brave counsel Male Old-German
Cort bold Male Old-German
Dagna a splendid day Female Old-German
Derek ruler Male Old-German
Eldwin old friend Male Old-German
Emil industrious, to emulate Male Old-German
Emma universal, all-embracing Female Old-German
Ernest earnest, vigorous Male Old-German
Ernestine earnest, vigorous Female Old-German
Ferdinand courageous traveler Male Old-German
Floy Female Old-German
Frederick peaceful ruler Male Old-German
Frederika peaceful ruler Female Old-German
Fremont guardian of freedom Male Old-German
Frieda peace, joy Female Old-German
Garin warrior Male Old-German
Gerard spear-brave Male Old-German
Giselle a pledge Female Old-German
Heller the sun Male Old-German
Henrietta ruler of the home Female Old-German
Henry ruler of the home Male Old-German
Herman man of the army Male Old-German
Idonia industrious Female Old-German
Jarvia spear-keen Female Old-German
Lamar land Both Old-German
Leonard lion-hearted Male Old-German
Leopold bold leader Male Old-German
Leopolda bold leader Female Old-German
Leyna little angel Female Old-German
Lorraine where Lothar dwells Female Old-German
Louis famed warrior Male Old-German
Louise warrior maiden Female Old-German
Luther warrior Male Old-German
Mallory army counseler, without good fortune Female Old-German
Manfred man of peace Male Old-German
Mathilda battle maiden, strength Female Old-German
Maud strength in battle Female Old-German
Millicent industrious, strength Female Old-German
Nixie water sprite Female Old-German
Norbert blond hero Male Old-German
Norberta blond hero Female Old-German
Olinda protector of property Female Old-German
Orlantha from the land Female Old-German
Penrod esteemed commander Male Old-German