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Popular Baby Names , origin Basque

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Adiran From the Adriatic. Male Basque
Ager Gatherer. Male Basque
Agurtzane Refers to the Virgin Mary. Female Basque
Aingeni Messenger. Male Basque
Ainhoa reference to virgin mary Female Basque
Aintzane glorious Female Basque
Aitziber Refers to the Virgin Mary. Female Basque
Akil From the Akil. Male Basque
Alazne miracle Female Basque
Alesandese Basque feminine form of Alesander: helper of man. Female Basque
Alona Refers to the Virgin Mary. Female Basque
Amaia end Female Basque
Ander Basque form of Andrew. Male Basque
Andere Feminine form of Ander. Female Basque
Anthony He adds or priceless. Male Basque
Antton Praiseworthy. Male Basque
Arama Refers to the Virgin Mary. Female Basque
Argi Light. Female Basque
Arrate Refers to the Virgin Mary. Female Basque
Arrosa Rose. Female Basque
Asentzio Ascending. Male Basque
Aurkene presentation Female Basque
Bakarne solitude Female Basque
Balere Strong. Female Basque
Barkarna Lonely. Female Basque
Barkarne Lonely. Female Basque
Benat Bear. Male Basque
Bingen Conquers. Male Basque
Bittor Conquers. Male Basque
Bixenta Victory. Female Basque
Catalin Form of Katherine. Female Basque
Danel Basque form of Daniel. Male Basque
Danele Feminine form of Danel. Female Basque
Deiene religious holiday Female Basque
Deunoro All saints. Male Basque
Dunixi Basque form of Dionysus god of wine. Male Basque
Edorta Basque form of Edward. Male Basque
Edrigu Basque form of Richard. Male Basque
Edur Wine. Male Basque
Edurne Snow. Female Basque
Eguskina Sunshine. Female Basque
Eguskine Sunshine. Female Basque
Elazar Help of God. Male Basque
Enrique ruler of an estate Male Basque
Erromon From Rome. Male Basque
Etor Steadfast. Male Basque
Gabirel Basque form of Gabriel. Male Basque
Gaizka Savior. Male Basque
Garaitz Victory. Female Basque
Gechina Graceful. Female Basque
Gentza Peace. Male Basque
Gizane christ's incarnation Female Basque
Gotzon Messenger. Male Basque
Gotzone angel, messenger Female Basque
Gurutz Holy Cross. Male Basque
Igone Refers to Christ's Ascension. Female Basque
Iker Visits. Male Basque
Inaki Ardent. Male Basque
Inigo Ardent. Male Basque
Iratze in reference to the virgin mary Female Basque
Ixaka Laughs. Male Basque
Jaione nativity Female Basque
Jakinda hyacinth Female Basque
Jakome Basque form of James. Male Basque
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