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Popular Baby Names , origin Filipino - Aaron, Abby, Abe

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Aaron strong, exalted Male Filipino
Abby ??? Female Filipino
Abe father of nations Male Filipino
Abel a breath Male Filipino
Abraham father of nations Male Filipino
Adan a form of Adam, of the earth Male Filipino
Adolpho noble wolf Male Filipino
Adonis extremely good looking, lord Male Filipino
Agapito beloved Male Filipino
Aimee a good friend Female Filipino
Akira clear, bright Male Filipino
Alain little rock Male Filipino
Alan, Allan, Allen little rock Male Filipino
Albert, Alberto noble and bright Male Filipino
Aldo old, noble Male Filipino
Alec, Alex defender of men Male Filipino
Alejandro defender of men Male Filipino
Alexa, Alexia defender Female Filipino
Alexander defender of men Male Filipino
Alexandra defender of men Female Filipino
Alexis defender of men Both Filipino
Alfonso noble and ready Male Filipino
Alice, Alicia of noble kin Female Filipino
Alisha of noble kin Female Filipino
Alma nourishing Female Filipino
Alvin noble friend Male Filipino
Alyssa rational Female Filipino
Amadeus love of God Male Filipino
Amado God's love, He who loves God. Male Filipino
Amalia, Amy hard working Female Filipino
Amanda worthy of love Female Filipino
Amber precious stone Female Filipino
Ambrosio child of light Male Filipino
Amelia to strive or excel Female Filipino
Amihan east wind Female Filipino
Amor love Female Filipino
Amparo ??? Female Filipino
Ana merciful, gracious Female Filipino
Andre manly Male Filipino
Andrea manly Female Filipino
Andres manly Male Filipino
Angel messenger of God Both Filipino
Angelica, Angeli messenger of God Female Filipino
Angelie, Angelina messenger of God Female Filipino
Angelito little angel Male Filipino
Angelo messenger of God Male Filipino
Anita, Ann gracious, merciful Female Filipino
Annabel, Annabelle ??? Female Filipino
Annette, Annie gracious, merciful Female Filipino
Ansel A god Male Filipino
Anthony worthy of praise Male Filipino
Antoinette ??? Female Filipino
Anton worthy of praise Male Filipino
Antonio worthy of praise Male Filipino
Apolinario Destroyer, god of light, art, law, God of the sun, Sunlight, Manly beauty Male Filipino
Apple the fruit Female Filipino
April the month Female Filipino
Aquilino eagle Male Filipino
Archibald truly bold Male Filipino
Ariane, Arianna very holy Female Filipino
Ariel lion of God Male Filipino
Aries the ram Male Filipino
Armand, Armando army man Male Filipino
Armando man in the army, soldier Male Filipino
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