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Popular Baby Names, origin African

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Aba born on Thursday Female African -
Ababuo A child that keeps coming back Female African -
Abagbe We begged to have this one to lift up Female African -
Abam Second child after twins Female African -
Abayomi She brings joy Female African -
Abayomi Nigerian name meaning bringer of happiness. Male African -
Abdalla Servant of God. (Swahili). Male African -
Abdu Worshiper of God Male African -
Abebe Asked for (Nigerian). Female African -
Abebi Asked for (Nigerian). Female African -
Abeeku Ghanian word for one who is born on Wednesday. Male African -
Abeje We asked to have this child Female African -
Abejide Nigerian name for one who is born in the wintertime. Male African -
Abeke We asked for her to pet her. Female African -
Abena Born on Tuesday Female African -
Abeni Girl prayed for Female African -
Abeo Her birth brings happiness Female African -
Abiba child born after grandmother died Female African -
Abidemi Born during the father's absence Female African -
Abikanile Listen Female African -
Abimbola Born to be wealthy Female African -
Abiodun Nigerian name given to one born during war. Male African -
Abiola Nigerian name given to one born during the New Year. Male African -
Abiona Born on a journey Female African -
Ada First daughter. (Nigerian). Female African -
Adah First daughter. (Nigerian). Female African -
Adamma Child of beauty Female African -
Adana Her father's daughter. (Nigerian). Female African -
Adanna Her father's daughter. (Nigerian). Female African -
Adanya Her father's daughter. (Nigerian). Female African -
Addae Ghanian word for the morning sun. Male African -
Ade Nigerian word meaning royal. Male African -
Adebayo Nigerian for 'he was happy'. Male African -
Adeben Ghanian name given to the twelfth-born son. Male African -
Adebola Honor is hers Female African -
Adedagbo Happiness is a crown Female African -
Adejola Nigerian name meaning 'the crown needs honour'. Male African -
Adeleka Crown brings happiness Female African -
Adelola Crown brings honor Female African -
Adesimbo Noble birth Female African -
Adesina This child opens the way Female African -
Adesola Nigerian name meaning 'the crown honoured us'. Male African -
Adia Present of God Female African -
Adika Ghanian name given to the first child from a second husband. Male African -
Adio Righteous. (Nigerian.). Male African -
Adisa The clear one (Nigerian). Male African -
Adofo Ghanian word for warrior. Male African -
Adom God's blessing. (Ghanian). Male African -
Adowa Born on Tuesday Female African -
Aduke Beloved, cherished Female African -
Adunbi Nigerian word for pleasant. Male African -
Adusa Ghanian name given to the thirteenth-born child. Male African -
Afafa The first child of the second husband Female African -
Afiya Health Female African -
Afryea Born during happy times Female African -
Afua Born on Friday Female African -
Aganju In Yoruban mythology, Aganju was the son and husband of Ododua, the earth goddess. Male African -
Ahmed Praiseworthy Male African -
Aina Difficult birth Female African -
Aisha Life Female African -
Aissa grateful Female African Izza, Isa, Issa, Asa
Aiyetoro Peace on earth Female African -
Aiyetoro Peace on earth. (Nigerian). Male African -
Ajani He fights for possession. (Nigerian). Male African -
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