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Popular Baby Names , origin Danish

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Abellona Mannish. Female Danish
Agneta Pure. Female Danish
Ailsa Danish form of Elizabeth. Female Danish
Almeta Pearl. Female Danish
Anders Danish form of Andrew. Male Danish
Anker Danish form of Andrew. Male Danish
Anndrea Feminine form of Ander. Female Danish
Annelise Graceful light. Female Danish
Annemette Bitter pearl. Female Danish
Aren Esgle. Male Danish
Arend Danish form of Arnold. Male Danish
Argus Vigilant. Male Danish
Arvada Eagle. Female Danish
Astrid Divine strength. Female Danish
Axel Father of peace. Male Danish
Balduin Bold. Male Danish
Bardo son of the earth Male Danish
Bartram Glorious raven. The raven was consecrated to the Norse war god Odin and was the emblem of the Danish royal standard. Male Danish
Bent Blessed. Male Danish
Berde Glacier. Male Danish
Bergitte Danish form of Bridget. Female Danish
Bo Commanding. Male Danish
Bodil Commanding. Male Danish
Brede Glacier. Male Danish
Britta Danish form of Bridget. Female Danish
Caesar Long hair. Male Danish
Christian Believes in Christ. Male Danish
Christiansen Son of the Christian. Male Danish
Christoffer Christ hearer. Male Danish
Christofferson Son of Christoffer. Male Danish
Clady Danish form of Claudia. Female Danish
Clemens Clemency; mercy. Male Danish
Dagmar Famous day. Derived from a compound of two German words. Also, glory of the Danes. Female Danish
Dakin Danish Female Danish
Dana From Denmark. Female Danish
Dane From Denmark. Male Danish
Diederik ruler of the people Male Danish
Dorothea Danish form of Dorothy. Female Danish
Ebba Strength. Female Danish
Ejnar Warrior. Male Danish
Else Danish form of Elizabeth. Female Danish
Enok Biblical name. Male Danish
Erik Powerful. Male Danish
Eva Danish form of Eve. Female Danish
Federikke Feminine form of Frederik. Female Danish
Frans Free. Male Danish
Franz Free. Male Danish
Frederik Peaceful ruler. Male Danish
Fritz Free. Male Danish
Gardiner garden keeper Male Danish
Gelsomina Jasmine. Female Danish
Gjerta Protection. Female Danish
Gregos Watehful. Male Danish
Grette pearl Female Danish
Gudrun Wise. Female Danish
Gytha Warring. Female Danish
Hanne Feminine form of Hans. Female Danish
Hans God's gift. Male Danish
Harald War chief. Male Danish
Henning Danish form of Henry. Male Danish
Henrik Danish form of Henry. Male Danish
Inga Daughter of a hero. Female Danish
Ingeborg Ing's protection. Female Danish
Ingelise Ing's grace. Female Danish
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