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Popular Baby Names, origin Old-Norse

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Kelby from the farm by the springs Male Old-Norse -
Kirk from the church Male Old-Norse Kirkley, Kirkwood, Kirby, Kurk, Kirkus
Leif beloved Male Old-Norse -
Nessa headland Female Old-Norse Nesa, Nissa, Nessie
Olaf talisman, ancestor Male Old-Norse Olav, Olof, Olin, Olen, Olie
Oscar divine spear Male Old-Norse Osgood, Oskar, Oszkár
Ronald mighty Male Old-Norse Ronnie, Ronny, Ron, Renaldo, Ronan, Naldo
Ronalda mighty Female Old-Norse -
Roscoe from the deer forest Male Old-Norse -
Sigrid winning adviser Female Old-Norse Sigrath, Sigwald, Sigurd
Skipp ship owner Male Old-Norse skipper, skippy, skip
Thor thunder Male Old-Norse Thorbert, Thordis, Tor, Soren, Sören, Søren
Thora thunder Female Old-Norse Thordia, Tora
Turpin thunder-Finn Male Old-Norse -
Valda spirited warrior Female Old-Norse -
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