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Popular Baby Names , origin Thai

Name Meaning Gender Origin
A-gun grape Female Thai
A-wut weapon Male Thai
Aat daring Male Thai
Aawut weapon Male Thai
Achara pretty angel Female Thai
Adranuch lady Female Thai
Ambhom sky Female Thai
Anada prosperous Male Thai
Ananada prosperous Male Thai
Anchali greeting Female Thai
Anuman small patience Male Thai
Anurak male angel Male Thai
Apasra adorn Female Thai
Apsara angelic Female Thai
Aran forest Male Thai
Aroon dawn Male Thai
Asnee lightning Male Thai
Atid the sun Male Thai
Benjakalyani 5th girl Female Thai
Boon-Mee lucky Male Thai
Boon-Nam good fortune Male Thai
Boribun complete Female Thai
Bun Ma to have luck Female Thai
Buppha flower Female Thai
Busaba floral Female Thai
Bussaba flower Female Thai
Chaem Choi gracefulness Female Thai
Chai Charoen triumphant Female Thai
Chai Son mischievous boy Male Thai
Chailai pretty Female Thai
Chaisai victory Male Thai
Chaisee innocent Female Thai
Chaiya victory Male Thai
Chaiyo hurrah Male Thai
Chakan able bodied Male Thai
Chalerm celebrated Male Thai
Chalermchai celebrated victory Male Thai
Chalermwan celebrated beauty Female Thai
Chaloem apex Male Thai
Chaloem Chai victory Female Thai
Channarong experienced warrior Male Thai
Chantana affection Female Thai
Chanthira moon Female Thai
Chao Fah prince Male Thai
Charanya young girl Female Thai
Chariya good manners Female Thai
Charn Chai good in fighting Male Thai
Charoen development Female Thai
Charoen to flourish Male Thai
Charoenrasamee radiant of progress Female Thai
Charong victorious male Male Thai
Charunee ladylike Female Thai
Chatalerm celebrated male Male Thai
Chatchada crowning glory Female Thai
Chatchom praiseworthy Male Thai
Chatmanee jewel Female Thai
Chatrasuda maiden Female Thai
Chatri brave knight Male Thai
Chaveevan beautiful complexion Female Thai
Chayan eternal victory Male Thai
Chet brother Male Thai
Chimlin cute Female Thai
Chinda precious stone Female Thai
Chintana good thought Female Thai