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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Pázmán right, man Male Hungarian
Paadini Pleasing Song Female Indian
Paal Guardian Male Indian
Paalavi First Stanza of Poem Female Indian
Paanchaalee Another Name of Draupadi Female Indian
Paandu Father of the Pandavas Male Indian
Paandurang A Diety Male Indian
Paaninee a Sanskrit grammarian Male Assemese
Paaninee A Sanskrit Grammarian Male Indian
Paanini An Ancient Hindu Saint Male Indian
Paaras Precious Stone; Costly Metal Male Indian
Paarbrahm The Supreme Spirit Male Indian
Paari Name of a Charitable Prince Male Bengali
Paarijata Name of Lord Krishna's Favorite Flower Female Indian
Paarth another name of Arjuna Male Assemese
Paarth Another Name of Arjuna Male Indian
Paartha Arjuna; Son of Pritha Male Indian
Paarthav N/A Male Indian
Paarthiban Another Name of King Arjunan Male Indian
Paarthiv Earthly Male Indian
Paarush N/A Male Indian
Paarvatee Wife of Lord Shiva Female Indian
Paavai Beautiful girl Female Bengali
Paavai Beautiful Girl Female Indian
Paavak pure Male Bengali
Paavak Pure Male Indian
Paavaka Fire; Gold Male Indian
Paavaki Name of Lord Muruga Female Indian
Paavan Purifier Male Indian
Paavana The Cause of Blowing Male Indian
Paavani Purifying Female Indian
Paaveli Finnish form of Paul. Male Finnish
Paavo Finnish form of Paul. Male Finnish
Paavo Little. Male Scandinavian
Paawan Pure Male Indian
Paawni Sacred Female Indian
Paayal Ankalet Female Indian
Pabitra Holy Male Indian
Pabiyan Russian form of Fabian 'bean farmer'. Male Russian
Pablo Little. Male Assemese
Pablo Little. Male Bengali
Pablo small Male Filipino
Pablo Little Male Indian
Pablo Variant of Paul: Small. Famous Bearer: artist Pablo Picasso (18811973). Male Spanish
Pabok fire Male Bengali
Pabok Fire Male Indian
Pachai Youthful; Resourceful Male Indian
Pachaiamma Green Girl Female Indian
Pachaimani Youthful, Resourceful Male Assemese
Pachaimani Youthful; Resourceful Male Indian
Pachaimuthu Youthful, Resourceful Male Bengali
Pachaimuthu Youthful; Resourceful Male Indian
Pacho Free. Male Spanish
Pachu'a Feathered water snake (Hopi). Male Native-American
Pacifico peaceful Male Filipino
Packard one who packs Male Old-English
Paco free Male Filipino
Paco Eagle. Male Native-American
Paco bald eagle; a free man Male Native-American, Spanish
Paco Free. Male Spanish
Pacorro Free. Male Spanish
Pacquita Free. Female Latin
Padak Pendant; Medal Male Indian
Padam Lotus Male Indian
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