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Popular Baby Names starting with L

Name Meaning Gender Origin
strength Male Chinese
L…nh peaceful Male Vietnamese
L'Angley Englishman. Male French
László might, fame Male Hungarian
Lél bugler Male Hungarian
Lõrinc Laurentian Male Hungarian
La Row Red haired. Female French
La Vergne Born in the spring. Female French
La Verne Born in the spring. Female French
Laabh Profit Male Indian
Laabha Profit Female Assemese
Laabha Profit Female Indian
Laabha Acquirement; Acquisition; Gain Male Indian
Laadan For pleasure, devouring, judgment. Female Biblical
Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). Female Arabic
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in jannat al firdous Female Muslim
Laaiqah Worthy, deserving, capable Female Arabic
Laaj Honour Female Indian
Laal Lovely; Beloved; Dear One; Red Colour Male Indian
Laalamani Ruby Female Indian
Laalamani Ruby Male Indian
Laalasa Prayer Female Indian
Laalit Loved; Pampered Male Indian
Laalitya N/A Female Indian
Laalitya N/A Male Indian
Laalsa Greedy Female Indian
Laasya Dance Female Hindi
Laasya Dance Performed by Goddess Parvathi Female Indian
Laasya Smile Male Indian
Laasyavi Smile of Goddess Lalita Female Indian
Laavanya Beauty Male Indian
Labaka Hai Female Indian
Labaka Melodious Sounds Male Indian
Laban White Male Hebrew
Labana The moon, whiteness, frankincense. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Labangalata A flowering creeper Female Assemese
Labangalata Sun Female Indian
Labanya Beauty Female Indian
Labdhi Heavenly Power Female Indian
Labeeb Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent Male Arabic
Labeeb Sensible; Intelligent Male Indian
Labeeb Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent Male Muslim
Labeeba Intelligent, wise Female Arabic
Label lion Male Hebrew
Labh Gain Male Indian
Labha Profit Female Bengali
Labha Profit Female Indian
Labhaoise Famous warrior Female Irish
Labhika Profit Female Indian
Labhruinn Laurel. Male Gaelic
Labhsha N/A Male Indian
Labhya Accessible; Obtainable Female Indian
Labib Sensible, intelligent Male Arabic
Labib Sensible; Intelligent Male Indian
Labib Sensible, intelligent Male Muslim
Labib, Labeeb Sensible, intelligent Male Muslim
Labibah Sensible, intelligent Female Arabic
Labibah Sensible, intelligent Female Muslim
Labid A Companion Male Indian
Lablab Ivy Male Muslim
Laboni Graceful Female Bengali
Laboni Body Female Hindi
Laboni Graceful Female Indian
Labonita Graceful; Beautiful One Female Indian
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