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Popular Baby Names starting with E

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ea Fire. Male Celtic
Eachan Horseman Male Irish
Eachann Steadfast. Male Gaelic
Eachann Steadfast. Male Greek
Eachthighearn Horse lord. Male Gaelic
Eacnung Bears children. Female Anglo
Eada Wealthy. Female English
Eadaion Joyous friendship. Female German
Eadbeorht Wealthy. Male English
Eadbert Lucky spearman. Male Anglo
Eadburt Wealthy. Male English
Eadda Wealthy. Female English
Eadelmarr Noble. Male English
Eadgar An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and spear (gar). Male English
Eadgard Blessed. Male Anglo
Eadger Wealthy spear. Male English
Eadgyth Wife of Edward the ... Female Anglo
Eadgyth Happy warfare. An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and war (gyth). Female English
Eadig Wealthy friend. Male Anglo
Eadignes Bliss. Female Anglo
Eadlin Princess. Female Anglo
Eadlyn Guardian. Male Anglo
Eadmund Rich benefactress. Female English
Eadmund Happy defender. An Old English name formed from a compound of ead, meaning rich or happy, and mund, meaning protection. Male English
Eadric Wealthy ruler. Male English
Eadsele From Edward's estate. Male English
Eadward Valued. Male Anglo
Eadward Wealthy guardian. Male English
Eadwardsone Son of Edward. Male English
Eadweald Wealthy ruler. Male English
Eadweard Wealthy guardian. A compound of eud, meaning rich or happy, and weard, meaning guardian. Male English
Eadwiella From the old spring. Male English
Eadwine Wealthy friend. Female English
Eadwine Wealthy friend. An Old English name compounded from ead, meaning rich or happy, and wine, meaning friend. Male English
Eadwyn Live long. Male Anglo
Eadwyn Wealthy friend. Male English
Eagan Fiery or forceful Male Irish
Eagon Fiery or forceful Male Irish
Eairrdsidh Truly brave. Male Scottish
Eairrsidh Variant of Eairrdsidh: Truly brave. Male Scottish
Eakant N/A Male Indian
Eakshaa Rational Female Indian
Ealadhach Genius. Male Gaelic
Ealahweemah Nez Perce name meaning sleep. Male Native-American
Ealaot Wadass Nez Perce name meaning earth. Male Native-American
Ealaothek Kaunis Nez Perce name meaning birds landing. Male Native-American
Ealasaid Devoted to God. Female Gaelic
Ealdian Wealthy defender. Male Anglo
Ealdun From the elves'valley. Male English
Ealdwode From the old forest. Male English
Ealga Noble Female Irish
Ealhdun From the elves'valley. Male English
Ealhhard Brave. Male English
Eallair Monastery's steward. Male Scottish
Eallard Brave. Male English
Eallison Son of Elder. Male English
Ealuvig Ruler of the home. Male Gaelic
Eaman Earnest. Male Gaelic
Eames Wealthy guardian Male Irish
Eamon Coward. Male Anglo
Eamon wealthy guardian Male Anglo-saxon
Eamon Variant of Edmond: Prosperous protector. A French variant of the Old English name Eadmund, meaning rich or happy, and protection. Male French
Eamon Rich protector. Male Gaelic
Eamon Wealthy guardian Male Irish
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