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Popular Baby Names starting with B

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Bülent Male Turkish
Ba three; third Male Vietnamese
Baadal Clouds, Monsoon Male Bengali
Baadal Cloud Male Indian
Baageshawaree A Raga; Beauty Female Indian
Baageshree Beauty Female Indian
Baageshwari A Musical Raga in Carnatic Female Indian
Baahir Dazzling, Brilliant Male Arabic
Baahir Dazzling; Brilliant Male Indian
Baahir Dazzling, Brilliant Male Muslim
Baaji N/A Female Indian
Baako first born Female African
Baal Master; lord Male Biblical
Baal-berith Idol of the covenant. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Baal-gad Idol of fortune or felicity. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Baal-hamon Who rules a crowd Male Biblical
Baal-hermon Possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed Male Biblical
Baal-meon Idol or master of the house Male Biblical
Baal-peor Master of the opening Male Biblical
Baal-perazim God of divisions Male Biblical
Baal-shalisha The god that presides over three; the third idol Male Biblical
Baal-tamar Master of the palm-tree Male Biblical
Baal-zebub God of the fly Male Biblical
Baal-zephon The idol or possession of the north, hidden, secret. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Baala A Young Girl Female Indian
Baala Child; Young Male Indian
Baalaa Child; Young Female Indian
Baalaaji Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Baalaamani N/A Female Indian
Baalaamjali N/A Female Indian
Baalaark The Rising Sun Male Indian
Baalaraju Strong Male Indian
Baalath A rejoicing; our proud lord Male Biblical
Baalath-beer Subjected pit. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Baalayya N/A Male Indian
Baali My idol; lord over me Male Biblical
Baalim Idols; masters; false gods Male Biblical
Baalis A rejoicing; a proud lord Male Biblical
Baalkrishan young Krishna Male Assemese
Baalkrishan Young Krishna Male Indian
Baalzebub The devil; fallen angel Male Biblical
Baanah In the answer, in affliction. Male Biblical
Baanan N/A Male Indian
Baanbhatt Name of an Ancient Poet Male Indian
Baani Earth Female Indian
Baanke Lord Krishna Male Indian
Baanuraekha N/A Female Indian
Baaodhav N/A Male Indian
Baapiraaju N/A Male Indian
Baaqi Permanent, everlasting, eternal. Male Afghan
Baari One of the names of God Male Arabic
Baariq shining, lighting, illuminating Male Arabic
Baaseiah In making, in pressing together. Male Biblical
Baasha Don Male Arabic
Baasha He that seeks or lays waste Male Biblical
Baasim Smiling Male Arabic
Baasim Smiling Male Indian
Baasim Smiling Male Muslim
Baasima Smiling Female Indian
Baasima smiling Male Assemese
Baasima Smiling Male Indian
Baasit One who spreads or grants prosperity Male Arabic
Baasu Rich; Wealthy Male Indian
Bab Diminutive of Barbara: From the Greek barbaros meaning foreign or strange, traveler from a foreign land. In Catholic custom St. Barbara is a protectress against fire and lightning. Female English
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