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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Várkony name of an Avar ethnic group Male Hungarian
Vázsony Male Hungarian
Vaachaspati Lord of Speech Male Indian
Vaachasya Well Spoken of; Praiseworthy Male Indian
Vaagai Name of a Beautiful Flower Female Indian
Vaagdevi Goddess of learning; Saraswath Female Bengali
Vaagdevi Goddess Of Learning, Saraswath Female Hindi
Vaagdevi Goddess of Learning; Saraswath Female Indian
Vaageesh Lord of Speech Male Indian
Vaagesha N/A Male Indian
Vaagminee N/A Female Indian
Vaahila Name of Air Female Indian
Vaak Speech; The Spoken Word Female Indian
Vaakpati Great Orator Male Indian
Vaalmeeki An Ancient Saint Male Indian
Vaamaa Come Female Indian
Vaamaakshee Goddess of Learning; Saraswath Female Indian
Vaamadeva Water Male Indian
Vaaman Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Vaamana Vishnu's Fifth Incarnation; Trivikrama Male Indian
Vaamdev Name of a Shiva Male Indian
Vaanadhi Milky way Female Assemese
Vaanadhi Milky Way Female Indian
Vaanee Speech Male Indian
Vaangmatee Goddess Saraswati Female Indian
Vaangmayee N/A Female Indian
Vaani Guru's Voice; Speech Female Indian
Vaani Song Male Indian
Vaanika Sita Female Bengali
Vaanika Sita Female Indian
Vaanya Idle Daughter Female Indian
Vaanya Hindu Female Deity of Forests; Van Ki Devi Male Indian
Vaaridhi Speech Female Indian
Vaarijaa N/A Female Indian
Vaarin Ocean Male Indian
Vaarshaney Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Vaarshik Annual Male Indian
Vaarunee The Rain Female Indian
Vaasaki N/A Female Indian
Vaasantee N/A Female Indian
Vaasanti Spring Festival; Durga Female Indian
Vaasavadatta A Name in Sanskrit Classics Male Indian
Vaasuki Learned Female Assemese
Vaasuki Learned Female Bengali
Vaasuki A Celestial Cobra Male Indian
Vaatsyaayan An Author of Old Times Male Indian
Vaayu The Vital Air; Wind Male Indian
Vabna imagination Female Bengali
Vacana Oath; Order Male Indian
Vacasya Readiness of Speech Female Indian
Vacasya Readiness of Speech Male Indian
Vacha Speech Female Indian
Vachan speech Male Assemese
Vachan Speech Male Indian
Vachana Oath Female Indian
Vachaspati lord of speech Male Bengali
Vachaspati Lord of Speech Male Indian
Vache cart used by Nomads Male Armen
Vachel cowherd Male Filipino
Vachel cow tender Male French
Vachel Little Cow Male Indian
Vachya Sita Female Bengali
Vachya Blamed; Goddess Sita Female Indian
Vaclar Wreath of glory. Male Slavic
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