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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Várkony name of an Avar ethnic group Male Hungarian -
Vázsony Male Hungarian -
Vaachaspati Lord of Speech Male Indian -
Vaachasya Well Spoken of; Praiseworthy Male Indian -
Vaagai Name of a Beautiful Flower Female Indian -
Vaagdevi Goddess of learning; Saraswath Female Bengali -
Vaagdevi Goddess Of Learning, Saraswath Female Hindi -
Vaagdevi Goddess of Learning; Saraswath Female Indian -
Vaageesh Lord of Speech Male Indian -
Vaagesha N/A Male Indian -
Vaagminee N/A Female Indian -
Vaahila Name of Air Female Indian -
Vaak Speech; The Spoken Word Female Indian -
Vaakpati Great Orator Male Indian -
Vaalmeeki An Ancient Saint Male Indian -
Vaamaa Come Female Indian -
Vaamaakshee Goddess of Learning; Saraswath Female Indian -
Vaamadeva Water Male Indian -
Vaaman Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vaamana Vishnu's Fifth Incarnation; Trivikrama Male Indian -
Vaamdev Name of a Shiva Male Indian -
Vaanadhi Milky way Female Assemese -
Vaanadhi Milky Way Female Indian -
Vaanee Speech Male Indian -
Vaangmatee Goddess Saraswati Female Indian -
Vaangmayee N/A Female Indian -
Vaani Guru's Voice; Speech Female Indian -
Vaani Song Male Indian -
Vaanika Sita Female Bengali -
Vaanika Sita Female Indian -
Vaanya Idle Daughter Female Indian -
Vaanya Hindu Female Deity of Forests; Van Ki Devi Male Indian -
Vaaridhi Speech Female Indian -
Vaarijaa N/A Female Indian -
Vaarin Ocean Male Indian -
Vaarshaney Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vaarshik Annual Male Indian -
Vaarunee The Rain Female Indian -
Vaasaki N/A Female Indian -
Vaasantee N/A Female Indian -
Vaasanti Spring Festival; Durga Female Indian -
Vaasavadatta A Name in Sanskrit Classics Male Indian -
Vaasuki Learned Female Assemese -
Vaasuki Learned Female Bengali -
Vaasuki A Celestial Cobra Male Indian -
Vaatsyaayan An Author of Old Times Male Indian -
Vaayu The Vital Air; Wind Male Indian -
Vabna imagination Female Bengali -
Vacana Oath; Order Male Indian -
Vacasya Readiness of Speech Female Indian -
Vacasya Readiness of Speech Male Indian -
Vacha Speech Female Indian -
Vachan speech Male Assemese -
Vachan Speech Male Indian -
Vachana Oath Female Indian -
Vachaspati lord of speech Male Bengali -
Vachaspati Lord of Speech Male Indian -
Vache cart used by Nomads Male Armen -
Vachel cowherd Male Filipino -
Vachel cow tender Male French -
Vachel Little Cow Male Indian -
Vachya Sita Female Bengali -
Vachya Blamed; Goddess Sita Female Indian -
Vaclar Wreath of glory. Male Slavic -
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