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Popular Baby Names starting with A

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Aviklava N/A Male Indian -
Avikrish Coward Male Indian -
Avikshit Not See Before Male Indian -
Aviksipa N/A Male Indian -
Aviksit Undeveloped; Never Seen Before Male Indian -
Avilasa N/A Male Indian -
Avilash Faithful Male Assemese -
Avilash Faithful Male Indian -
Avilon Arthur's burial place. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Avim Wicked or perverse men Male Biblical -
Avimael my father is of divine origin Male Hebrew -
Avimelech Father is king Male Hebrew -
Avimelej my father is king Male Hebrew -
Avimukta Not Loosened Male Indian -
Avin Affection Male Indian -
Avina From the oat field. Female Latin -
Avinandita N/A Female Indian -
Avinasa Indestructible Male Indian -
Avinash Indestructible Male Bengali -
Avinash Male Hindu -
Avinash Indestructible Male Indian -
Avinashi Indestructible Female Bengali -
Avinashi Indestructable Female Hindi -
Avinashi Indestructible Female Indian -
Avinashi Indestructable Male Assemese -
Avinashi Indestructible Male Indian -
Avinashika Indestructible Female Indian -
Avinashini Indestructible Female Indian -
Avinasi Indestructible Male Indian -
Avinasini Indestructible Female Indian -
Avinay N/A Male Indian -
Avindhya N/A Male Indian -
Avineshwar God on Earth Male Indian -
Avinna N/A Male Indian -
Avinoam Pleasant father Male Hebrew -
Avipriya N/A Male Indian -
Avipsa N/A Female Indian -
Avipsa N/A Male Indian -
Avira Variant of Albreda: Introduced into Britain during the Norman Conquest, from an Old German name meaning elf counsel Was originally used for both sexes, but is now regarded as a feminine name. Female English -
Aviraga N/A Male Indian -
Aviral Continuous; Ongoing Male Indian -
Aviram Father of heights Male Hebrew -
Avirama N/A Male Indian -
Aviramv my father is lifted up Male Hebrew -
Avirat Continuous Male Indian -
Aviratha N/A Male Indian -
Aviraz father of the secret Male Hebrew -
Avirbhav Evolution; Progress Male Indian -
Avis Believed to have been introduced during the Norman Conquest, based either on Old German names, or on the Roman name Avitius. Refuge in battle. Female English -
Avis Bird. Female Latin -
Avisa Clear Water Female Indian -
Avisa Sky; Ocean; King; Life Giving Male Indian -
Avish Ocean Male Indian -
Avisha Gift from God Male Hebrew -
Avishai Gift of God Male Hebrew -
Avishajar father of the morning Male Hebrew -
Avishi Earth; River Female Indian -
Avishkaar Innovation Male Indian -
Avishkar Invention Male Indian -
Avita N/A Male Indian -
Avital Father of dew Male Hebrew -
Avith Wicked; perverse Male Biblical -
Avitr Protector Male Indian -
Avitsit N/A Male Indian -
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