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Popular Baby Names starting with A

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Aaradhy Adorable Male Indian -
Aaradhya Worship Female Bengali -
Aaradhya Worship Female Indian -
Aaradhya Worshipped Male Indian -
Aaral Flower Female Indian -
Aaran a form of Aaron Male Hebrew -
Aarashi First Ray of Sun Female Indian -
Aarati Towards the Highest Love for God; Form of Worship; Divine Fire in Ritual Female Indian -
Aaratrika Dusk lamp below tulsi plant Female Bengali -
Aaratrika Dusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant Female Indian -
Aaratrikia The Dusk Lamp Beneath Tulsi Plant Female Indian -
Aarav Ray; Hope Female Indian -
Aarav Peaceful Male Indian -
Aaravi Peace Female Indian -
Aaren Lofty or inspired. Male Scandinavian -
Aarhant Protector from Enemies Male Indian -
Aaric Variant of Aric 'rule with mercy.'. Male English -
Aaric Variant of Aric rule with mercy. Male Norse -
Aarif Knowing, aware Male Arabic -
Aarif Acquainted; Knowledgeable Male Indian -
Aarif Knowing, aware Male Muslim -
Aarifah Knowing, Women who recognises Islam Female Arabic -
Aarifah Knowing, Women who recognises Islam Female Muslim -
Aariketh Ganesh Male Indian -
Aarin Mountain Strength Female Indian -
Aarini Adventurous Female Indian -
Aarish Sky Male Assemese -
Aarish Sky Male Bengali -
Aarisha Mirror Female Indian -
Aarit Respectable man; Intelligent Female Assemese -
Aarit One who Seeks the Right Direction Male Indian -
Aaritra Navigator Female Indian -
Aaritra Navigator Male Indian -
Aariv King of Wisdom Male Indian -
Aariz Respectable man, Intellegent Male Arabic -
Aariz Respectable Man; Intelligent Male Indian -
Aariz Respectable man Male Muslim -
Aarjav One who is Steadfast in Happy and Sorrow Male Indian -
Aarman Desire Male Indian -
Aarna Lakshmi Female Bengali -
Aarna Lakshmi Female Indian -
Aarnav Ocean; Sea Male Indian -
Aarnavi Heart as Big as Ocean Female Indian -
Aarnes Red Silk Male Indian -
Aarnik Unique Male Indian -
Aarogya Health Male Indian -
Aaroha Always Ascending Male Indian -
Aarohee Evolving Female Indian -
Aarohi Tune Female Indian -
Aaron A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength Male Biblical -
Aaron strong, exalted Male Filipino -
Aaron enlightened Male Hebrew -
Aaron shining light, high mountain, messenger Male Hebrew, Arabic Aron, Ahron, Arron
Aaron High Mountain Male Indian -
Aaron 'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' A Moor, beloved by Tamora. Male Shakespearean -
Aarpan Giving Away Male Indian -
Aarpit To Donate Male Indian -
Aarsh Crown Male Indian -
Aarshabh Its an Another Name of Sri Krishna Male Indian -
Aarshati Holy Female Bengali -
Aarshati Holy Female Indian -
Aarshin Pious Male Indian -
Aarshiya N/A Female Indian -
Aarsi Mirror Female Indian -
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