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Popular Baby Names starting with C

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Cynric Royal. Male English -
Cynric with royal might Male Old-English -
Cynrik Royal. Male English -
Cynthia moon, Greek god Female Greek Cindie, Cyndi, Cindy, Cinta, Cintia, Cinzia
Cynthia Moon Goddess Female Indian -
Cyprian From Cyprus. Male Greek -
Cyprian From Cyprus. Male Polish -
Cyprien cypriot Female French -
Cyprien From Cyprus. Female Latin -
Cyprienne From Cyprus. Female Latin -
Cypris From Cyprus. Female Greek -
Cyprus Fair, fairness. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Cyr Lordly. Male Greek -
Cyra Moon Female Indian -
Cyrano Cyrano de Bergerac was a seventeenth-century soldier and science-fiction writer. Male French -
Cyrano from cyrene Male Greek Siranno, Sirano, Cirano, Syrano, Syranno
Cyrek Lordly. Male Greek -
Cyrek Lordly. Male Polish -
Cyrena Mother of Aristaeus. Female Greek -
Cyrene name of a mythological nymph Female Greek -
Cyrene A wall, coldness, the floor. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Cyrenius Who governs. Male Biblical -
Cyric Male Celtic -
Cyril Master or Lord Male Anglo -
Cyril Master; lord. Male English -
Cyril lordly Male Filipino -
Cyril lordly, proud Male Greek Cyra, Kyril, Cirillo, Cy
Cyril Borne by Large Number of Saint Male Indian -
Cyrill Master; lord. Male English -
Cyrill Master; lord. Male Greek -
Cyrilla Mistress; lady. Feminine of Cyril. Female English -
Cyrilla lordly, proud Female Greek -
Cyrilla Noble. Female Latin -
Cyrille Variant of Cyril: Lord. Male Greek -
Cyrillia Noble. Female Latin -
Cyrillus Variant of Cyril: Lord. Male Greek -
Cyrus As miserable; as heir Male Biblical -
Cyrus of the sun Male Filipino -
Cyrus Enthroned. Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and founded the Persian Empire. Male Greek -
Cyrus The Name of the Founder of the Persian Empire Male Indian -
Cyrus the sun Male Persian Cy
Cyryl Lordly. Male Greek -
Cyryl Lordly. Male Polish -
Cyst Best. Female Anglo -
Cystenian Steady; stable. Male Welsh -
Cystennin Constant. Male Welsh -
Cythera From Cythera. Female Greek -
Cytherea Derived from Cythera, a Greek island mentioned in classical references to the goddess Aphrodite. Another name for Aphrodite. Female Greek -
Cytheria Another name for Aphrodite. Female Greek -
Cytheria venus Female Latin -
Cyzarine royalty Female Russian Cyzars
Czaee Name of flower Female Assemese -
Czaee Name of Flower Female Indian -
Czar Emperor. Variant of Caesar. Male Russian -
Czarina female ruler Female Filipino -
Czarina Feminine of czar. Russian equivalent to a female caesar or empress. Female Latin -
Czcibor Fights with honour. Male Polish -
Czeck Variant of Czeslaw: Glory and honour. Male Polish -
Czesiek Variant of Czeslaw: Glory and honour. Male Polish -
Czeslaw Glory and honour. Male Polish -
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