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Popular Baby Names starting with C

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Cynric Royal. Male English
Cynric with royal might Male Old-English
Cynrik Royal. Male English
Cynthia moon, Greek god Female Greek
Cynthia Moon Goddess Female Indian
Cyprian From Cyprus. Male Greek
Cyprian From Cyprus. Male Polish
Cyprien cypriot Female French
Cyprien From Cyprus. Female Latin
Cyprienne From Cyprus. Female Latin
Cypris From Cyprus. Female Greek
Cyprus Fair, fairness. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Cyr Lordly. Male Greek
Cyra Moon Female Indian
Cyrano Cyrano de Bergerac was a seventeenth-century soldier and science-fiction writer. Male French
Cyrano from cyrene Male Greek
Cyrek Lordly. Male Greek
Cyrek Lordly. Male Polish
Cyrena Mother of Aristaeus. Female Greek
Cyrene name of a mythological nymph Female Greek
Cyrene A wall, coldness, the floor. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Cyrenius Who governs. Male Biblical
Cyric Male Celtic
Cyril Master or Lord Male Anglo
Cyril Master; lord. Male English
Cyril lordly Male Filipino
Cyril lordly, proud Male Greek
Cyril Borne by Large Number of Saint Male Indian
Cyrill Master; lord. Male English
Cyrill Master; lord. Male Greek
Cyrilla Mistress; lady. Feminine of Cyril. Female English
Cyrilla lordly, proud Female Greek
Cyrilla Noble. Female Latin
Cyrille Variant of Cyril: Lord. Male Greek
Cyrillia Noble. Female Latin
Cyrillus Variant of Cyril: Lord. Male Greek
Cyrus As miserable; as heir Male Biblical
Cyrus of the sun Male Filipino
Cyrus Enthroned. Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and founded the Persian Empire. Male Greek
Cyrus The Name of the Founder of the Persian Empire Male Indian
Cyrus the sun Male Persian
Cyryl Lordly. Male Greek
Cyryl Lordly. Male Polish
Cyst Best. Female Anglo
Cystenian Steady; stable. Male Welsh
Cystennin Constant. Male Welsh
Cythera From Cythera. Female Greek
Cytherea Derived from Cythera, a Greek island mentioned in classical references to the goddess Aphrodite. Another name for Aphrodite. Female Greek
Cytheria Another name for Aphrodite. Female Greek
Cytheria venus Female Latin
Cyzarine royalty Female Russian
Czaee Name of flower Female Assemese
Czaee Name of Flower Female Indian
Czar Emperor. Variant of Caesar. Male Russian
Czarina female ruler Female Filipino
Czarina Feminine of czar. Russian equivalent to a female caesar or empress. Female Latin
Czcibor Fights with honour. Male Polish
Czeck Variant of Czeslaw: Glory and honour. Male Polish
Czesiek Variant of Czeslaw: Glory and honour. Male Polish
Czeslaw Glory and honour. Male Polish
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